Freshly Picked Dream Scholarship FINALIST!!

I will start off by saying how grateful I am for all of the love and support all my friends, family, and followers have shown through the votes tonight. I have literally been in tears at moments reading all of the sweet and supportive words from all of you. Please continue to spread the word for more votes, here is the link again Thank you so very much!

Now, for all of you who don't know what this is about. I aka Salvaged Soul was chose as a finalist in the Freshly Picked Dream Scholarship Contest. I submitted a short (very short) essay to them in November for entry, thinking nothing of it but secretly checking up and praying I am one of the finalists. Funny story about the "short essay". I read all the details about the contest and got to writing. I wrote a super rad essay and answered all the questions needed for entry. I decided to reread the contest rules and this time I read "must be 500 characters or less". What it rally said was "500 words or less" HUGE DIFFERENCE hahaha I guess it could have been worse. I am the one with the shortest essay but hey I still was chose! I wanted to share that with everyone because every time I reload the page to see the vote counts I scroll down and see my itty bitty paragraph next to everyone else's 500 words or less essay. Anyway, last week they were suppose to announce the finalists and then announced it got pushed out due to an overwhelming amount of entries. At the time I figured that just slimmed my chances even more. They said they would announce a week from that day which would have been this last Tuesday, still nothing. Boohoo major bummer. I was working on a swing this morning and got an email! Not just any email THE EMAIL!! They loved my application and I was chose as a finalist. Next step after they announced all of us finalists was voting. I am kicking ass thanks to all of you!! I will keep you all posted but as of right this second I am in FIRST PLACE with 559 VOTES!! Nighty night. Xo

freshly picked.jpg