The Crawfords Desert Romance Engagement Story

As I was preparing and choosing photos for our wedding details blog post, I realized I wanted to blog about our engagement first. Give you guys a little back story on us and show off some more of our gorgeous engagement photos by Clique Photography.

Let's rewind back to the beginning of 2007. I was 17, he was 22. Jesse was my best friends older brothers hot friend (from as far as I can tell on myspace of course). Jesse lived in California at the time when we started talking but also grew up in Arizona. About 3 hours away from where I did. We met for the first time in person while I was in Laughlin with my whole family for a little weekend getaway. By this time we had been talking everyday for at least a month or two. After meeting in person without saying it or being korny we both knew we did not want to live our lives without each other.

My family had a business opportunity come up which would take them all the way to Alabama. I WAS NOT about to leave my boyfriend who I had been with for a whole few months months. Duh! I ended up having to go with until I turned 18, a total of 2 months which in that time I would fly back to Arizona and stay with my grandparents twice to see him. The week after I turned 18 I was officially a California resident. The rest is pretty much history, we got our first apartment in Newport beach and I had our first son, River by 19, almost 20. Our second son, Kashe was born in 2011.

After having two babies and truly "growing" up together in the years that meant the most in our lives, as parents we were committed and devoted to our family. Don't think we did not have our bumps in the road along the way. I always try to keep it as real as possible and it was HARD. But at the end of the day it would be harder without each other.


Marriage and a big wedding was never something I felt I couldn't live without. Having our babies so young and really trying to build a life and stay on top of being financially, emotionally, and mentally stable took priority. A wedding was on the back burner and until Jesse could get down on one knee and genuinely from his heart ask me to marry him things were staying exactly how they were and I was very content. Committed without the title. I've never been an ultimatum kind of gal, with anything. I like rawness and real emotions, wants, and needs.

Jesse and I got engaged Thanksgiving weekend of 2015, almost exactly 11 months from the day we got married, October 1, 2016. He took me out on a rzr ride, because he secretly had been planning on proposing that whole weekend but the "right time" never came up. His whole family and some friends knew, I didn't have a clue. We ended up in the middle of the desert in Parker, Az . He asked me if I wanted to drive (which does not happen that often), I hopped over into the drivers seat. About 5 minutes later he said he had to stop to pee and said he'll drive, I hopped back over to the passenger seat. Jesse got out and walked around to the drivers side and said "since you're never going to get out of the rzr *pauses and drops to one knee* I love you, will you marry me?" It was perfect. It was us. Getting engaged and planning a wedding after almost 10 years and 2 babies was our perfect timing.

Obviously I said YES. Today, I couldn't imagine our lives without our wedding day. It was a dream. I love my Husband more everyday and I am so thankful for this life we have built and will share together with our babies forever.

Yes, I'm gonna do it >>> #blessed

H&MU// Sammi Touw
Images// Clique Photography
Green Dress/ Cleobella
White Top// Stitch & Feather
Tie Up Sandals// Free People
Jean Shorts// One Teaspoon