i woke up in nashville, with a few babes and really good hair.

This is a very long overdue blog post and I did not just want to let it go! It was just too good.



 In January, myself and a few of my favorite Monat girls flew out to Nashville to host a MEET MONAT event at my besties. Her husband is in the music industry so they live there part time and air bnb their Nashville home for the rest of the month. Needless to say this house was designed to the 9 and has all the good vibes you'll need in Music City,  CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

I had never been to Nashville and I am a country music junky so I decided to make a little trip out of it.


Nashville had just so happen to get a SNOW STORM days before we flew in, little did we know we would be leaving 75 degree sunny southern California Janruary weather for 12 degree, snowy freezing Nashville. We were ready!

I feel like I can write for days about this trip but I'm  just going to get to the point. All of us girls were so pumped to be on a "work trip" that felt more like a girls getaway! We went to some of the cutest little places I have ever been to, I am all about the ambiance of a place. Nashville knocked it out of the park, the food was INSANELY amazing every where, people were so NICE, like even the girl bartenders. If you live in southern California you know, girl bartenders are not nice to other girls most of the time. Anyways!

Lauren, Me, Connie, Christina, Britty Rose

Lauren, Me, Connie, Christina, Britty Rose

I always feel like before I host any event I envision how it will be or what will go down. It NEVER goes as planned or how I envisioned it. Not in a bad way, but sometimes things are just crazy busy and nothing I wanted to do or say gets done. Not with this event, this night was PERFECT!!!! We had nearly 100 Monat babes under one roof and the most amazing part was that we all had our own journeys that led up to this night, together. As a team of women who are CONQUERING the world, one good hair day at a time!


You always wake up feeling like a million bucks the night after an event, feeling so inspired, so powerful. I was excited to be there a couple days after to really take in everything that was going on in my personal life and try to focus on what my future would be. 

The night after our event, Jeremy and Lauren took me to a KID ROCK concert that their good friends 'A Thousand Horses' (who are so badass + GREAT live too) were opening for. OH. MY. GAAAAWWWWD. If you have not seen Kid Rock at least once in your life you are truly missing out. UNREAL performer. Like the whole time all I could think was "this man is truly doing what God put him on this earth to do, entertain". I have never been a huge fan, I mean I liked some of his music here and there but I get addicted to artists/songs for weeks and have them on repeat until I can't hear it anymore. I've never done that with him.

Until after his show! Truly amazing!

After a few days in music city, uncountable face times to my babes, getting "dressed up" for 4 days in a row, laughing until my stomach hurt, eating the best food, drinking chai lattes that were bright yellow but so good, + taking a bath every morning I was ready to get HOME TO MY BABIES!!! I wish I had more photos, I planned on doing a full vlog but sometimes you just gotta live in the moment.

Love Always,