Showering Our 3rd Baby Boy


So here’s the truth.

I went back and forth and may or may not have cancelled this baby shower more than once. Maybe it had to do with my hormones or maybe I just felt like this being my third baby I did not need it.

Needless to say I could not be more thankful and happy I fought through my crazy pregnancy hormones and my sister in law insisted on celebrating my baby boy.


Per usual I did not want anything about this day to be traditional #nobabyblue

The colors would be black and gold and his name (which was Stone at the time, why we chose Axl will be another post) would contribute inspiration to the theme of his baby shower.


I kind of went back and forth on an astrology themed baby shower but when I saw the moons and stars it just fit. I have some things like the mobile and the coat aka baby carrier hanger on the back of the door in the nursery that were gold moons too.

Just like with our previous boys baby showers this one would be co-ed as well so we can enjoy the day together with our closest friends and family!

This day definitely made us having this baby more real for me. I feel like you’re so busy when you have other kids and running a business you don’t really have time to reflect on what is about to happen and how your life is going to change, But then! You have a baby shower and suddenly have soooo much baby stuff that needs to be put away and takes up a whole room and it’s like OMG there’s a real baby coming into our world.

From this point on I kind of took a step back and really wanted to be present in the time leading up to our third baby boys arrival.


OBVIOUSLY a jumper was a necessity


According to river and kashe all the kids would be bored if we didn’t get one haha

Call me crazy but I personally don’t like committing or going to things on the weekends where I can’t bring my kids and husband during our time off together. To me, days like this are meant for memories with everyone I love and their babes.


Clearly that resulted in a a TON of people!


The dudes


The babes

HUGE thank you to my sister in laws and aunt for putting up with my micro managing pain in the ass self and making this day so special. Love you guys!

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