The Bethenny Show Part 2

Hello again! So where did we leave off? Oh yes. The film crew came over and was here all day getting footage that would later make me cry like a baby if font of the whole world. Having that shown really meant a lot to me because that IS how my every work day looks. I'm building away while the boys are riding their bikes around, asking if they can help mommy, and ALWAYS giving me kisses.

The next morning, January 15th was not only the day I was flying out to New York but it was my babies 5th Birthday! We woke up early, made chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, opened presents, and blew FIVE candles out. It was such a bitter sweet day. I knew big things were going to come of this opportunity to be on national television (little did I know what Bethenny had in store for me) but this was the first birthday I was going to be away from him for most of the day. My fiancé and babies took me to the airport and sent me on my way. My birthday boy was just excited to get over to his aunties house and get his other presents haha

I had a layover in Texas and got to New York around 11:00pm. When I got to baggage claim there was a man standing there holding a sign with my name on it. OH YESS! This was just the beginning. I checked into the Hudson Hotel a little after midnight. This place was GORGEOUS! So "New York". I decided to go down to the Lounge and have a big girl drink to celebrate. I was so excited about life. The next morning I did some exploring of the hotel. There was a seasonal restaurant that I WILL be going to this summer. It was th definition of rustic/chic and my furniture would have fit right in. After I got ready I walked out of the hotel to have a Mercedes waiting for me. I was able to see a little bit of the city that morning, It was so beautiful and so different than anywhere is the country I have ever been.

We got to the studio and I was shown to my green room. It was really hitting me now. Shortly after my arrival I was taken to hair and makeup. There was another girl in there with me, she was getting her hair done while I was getting my makeup done (back to back). We had some real good girl talk going on in there along with one of those Maury like talk shows. All the girls were so nice and welcoming. Later while waiting to go onto the stage I realized who it was, Adrienne Bailon. Such a doll! I knew her voice sounded familiar!

The Executive Producer showed me my way to the sofa where I sat next to Bethenny. We introduced ourselves and I was immediately so comfortable. She was SO sweet and genuinely had me there to help me. I felt very connected to her and I would have wanted to be on no other show but hers! They surprised me with the most amazing opportunities for myself and business. I could have never dreamed I would have the Founder of Joss and Main as my mentor and I would be able to have sales on such an amazing website. Or that would give me $10,000 to help my business. I was completely stunned and beyond grateful. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me but what I can do is show them they made the right decision and work hard to accomplish more!

Thank you so much for all the love and support. I have had hundreds of people contacting me and appreciate every single comment, message, email, & phone call!



The Bethenny Show Part 1

So, here I go on this rant that I will never get sick of. I'm sure all of you are wondering how I got on The Bethenny Show. I would be curious too! In November I was on The Bethenny Website and decided to submit myself/salvaged soul for the Bethenny In Your Business Segment. I had watched this segment before with a lady who started a fashionable diaper bag line. Bethenny gave her some great advice, really that's all I wanted when I submitted myself. A chance to be able to talk to her and go over my business with someone I truly admire as an entrepreneur and career mom. It was a very simple submission, a few photos and a paragraph about myself and business.

It was December 16, 2013 when I received an email that read the following:

Hello Christa, 

We are considering businesses from around the country for our "Bethenny In Your Business" segment. We'd like to learn more about your business. Please contact us as soon as you can. 


******* *********

I was out grabbing some last minute stuff for my fiancés birthday and had a lot on my mind this day because the voting part of the Freshly Picked Dream Scholarship Contest that I was a Finalist in was getting a little out of hand, and by out of hand I mean I was no longer in 1st place. When I got this email all my worries were gone. I figured even if nothing comes of it how RAD is it that my little email stood out enough for a producer of The Bethenny Show to reach out to me. I called her right away and got voicemail. I left a message and got a call back within the hour. We chatted for about 45 minutes for her to learn more about me and my business. Things went okay and I remember at the end of the conversation she said "if you don't hear back from us don't be discouraged we will keep your info for future segments". Like I said at that point I was so stoked I even got that email to begin with. I was genuinely grateful for the acknowledgement.

It was January 10th and I was on my way to my sisters wedding rehearsal. I answered the phone to a New York number not even realizing it was the same producer that originally emailed me that I had spoke with on December 16th. She wanted to know more. We talked for another 45 minutes. At this time I felt very connected to her. She understood me, my business, and this journey of mine. I cried when I was talking to her (for those of you who personally know me know that does not happen often). She felt me. During our conversation she said I could be flying out to New York as soon as Thursday. YES the Thursday being 6 days away! A couple hours later she emailed me asking for a short video. It took me like 300 times to get the right one haha and not to mention I'm at a hotel, at the rehearsal, in the car with a freshly shattered iPhone trying make this perfect video for Bethenny and the Executive Producers to help make their decision. The wedding weekend was amazing and I was trying to be as stress free as possible by leaving all of this to God. If it was meant to be it would happen.

On Sunday evening I received another email and they wanted me to mail 5 pieces of furniture for Bethenny and the Execs to see in person to go over the quality and stuff. Oh and did I mention they needed them at the studio in NEW YORK by Tuesday morning. I ended up shipping an end table, hanging shelf, and 3 signs express overnighting (paid for by them). At this time I knew they were serious because that shipping was not cheap. The producer said for me to call her as soon as I got out of Fed-Ex. When I called she was basically telling me we will know more tomorrow when Bethenny and the Execs can get more of a visual of the pieces, I replied that makes sense and is totally understandable. She then cut me off and said "OH by the way you're the one they chose for this segment and we are flying you out Wednesday!". I was crying walking into Trader Joes.

The following day they sent out a camera crew to come and film a day in the life of me with my family and business. It all went perfect, you will get to see. I will stop here and let you guys watch the Show Tomorrow to find out the rest!!! I will blog more on the rest of the journey after the airing.  You can find out what time it airs and on what channel HERE.