Kristin Cavallari & Chelsea Bulte of Emerald Duv Jewelry Q&A for Home & Styles by #momthebuilder

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Kristin Cavallari & Chelsea Bulte of Emerald Duv Jewelry


I'm sure we can all agree on loving Kristin since the 'Laguna Beach' days. I always loved her dgaf attitude and tell it like it is personality. Now days she's a fashion designer, actress, mommy, and has the most fabulous jewelry line ever with her bestie Chelsea who also is a gorgeous mommy and jewelry designer.

The name of their jewelry line is Emerald Duv, so catchy right? You go girls! So, it's not just the name I love though. Remember when I did a blog post about my personal style? Well, anyway I'm a super duper fan of turquoise, like I could wear it every day with every outfit no matter what! This line is really trendy but completely different at the same time. I mean where else could you find best friend necklaces that say "best bitches" or a necklace that says "fuck" and still looks so chic? Ummm no where! Besides the good use of bad language in a piece of jewelry their stuff is timeless and so GORG. 

I'm always very intrigued when someone has a great fashion sense or is a designer of anything. The first thing I think of as a furniture designer and such a lover of interior design is what their house looks like and what their personal home style is like. That's why this q&a sesh once a week is so fun for me AND I get to share it with all of you.

Enjoy! Xx

                                       Custom Jewelry Holder Designed & Built By Me for Emerald Duv Jewelry 

                                       Custom Jewelry Holder Designed & Built By Me for Emerald Duv Jewelry 

Kristin Cavallari Q&A

q. Tell me how you would describe your home style.

a. Traditional with rustic touches. It's very warm and cozy. I like to have my girly touches with lots of candles and flowers.

q. What about your home would surprise people?

a. I'm a little OCD when it comes to organization so everything has its place and I can tell if something has been moved slightly. My house is incredibly clean, especially for having 2 kids.

q. Does your home reflect your fashion style?

a. Yes it does. I would say my house is simple but chic which is similar to my fashion style. 

q. What or who inspires you?

a. Kate Moss will always be an inspiration to me. My family also inspires me when it comes to most things in life. Simplicity is what I aim for with my personal style and style of my home. I get a lot of inspiration from traveling as well. 

q. & most importantly. What is your personal favorite Salvaged Soul piece?

a. I love the hanging wooden bench!!

Chelsea Bulte Q&A


q. Tell me how you would describe your home style.

a. I would def describe it as eclectic with a beachy vibe for sure, maybe even a little rustic!!!

q. What about your home would surprise people?

a. I would prob have to say how OCD I am everything has to have its own place...

q. Does your home reflect your fashion style?

a. Yes my home deb reflects my fashion

q. What or who inspires you?

a. People who inspire me is almost endless I am drawn to people with a creative outlet for sure, strong, independent, someone who sees the beauty in the art all around us everyday thats the most inspiring i would have to say.... What inspires me is anything with color and texture.

q. & most importantly. What is your personal favorite Salvaged Soul piece?

a. I mean I love them all the arrow jewelry holder is so freaking cute..... but these below would prob be my top picks


Hello dahlings (in the best english accent you've ever heard)! I have gained some new followers and I figured there is no better time to write a lil bit about myself. I want my followers to know me & be inspired by me. So as you can see on my social media accounts I design build wood furniture and decor. But I think there is a misconception. I ACTUALLY design and build it. Me, myself, & I. I am still a one woman "badass" show might I say. I know it seems kind of hard to believe but it's the truth. I am 100% self taught and I design everything I build. I do not follow plans, quite frankly its harder for me to look at instructions than to build something out of my head, even if my client has provided an inspiration piece or photo. I'm sure most of you are probably thinking to yourself  "how the hell did you get into carpentry?".  It's a reasonable question considering I, well, lets just say don't look the par. I love maxi skirts, red lipstick, and I'm a super fan of a good hat. But hey, good thing I am down to wear combat boots 24/7 cause that totally looks the par right? I could have ended up in the fashion industry and I know I would have done astounding there too but, building furniture is truly my passion. 

I started building wood framed mirrors in early 2013. People were totally digging them. Then I had a client ask if I could build an end table to put her tv boxes on and she wanted to put firewood in a basket underneath. I designed my first piece of furniture (this end table is my most popular to date and was featured on the Bethenny show) and the rest is history. I relied on craigslist and facebook clients to help me build my portfolio. They would send me photos or ideas of what they wanted and I would design and build it with custom dimensions and finishes. I did this for 9 months and then I got on the Bethenny show for a Bethenny in your business segment. That was in January of this year. Since then I have established all my clientele off word of mouth. I have worked with many amazing interior designers, super rad businesses, and some pretty stellar people who believed in me and this salvaged soul journey of mine. In my eyes this is still just the beginning so watch out.  

Success, means more to me than any other word. It means stability for my children, it proves accomplishment, shows hard work pays off, inspires others, and most of all shows my two boys that you really can do anything you're passionate about IF YOU WANT TO. When I say if you want to, that's the most important part. You HAVE to want it and I mean want it real bad. You are in charge of your own journey and your success. Reach for the stars babes cause one day you'll get one. 

I'm a mom of two boys. I have one in kindergarten (my youngest just turned 3 and is home with me full time) and all you moms that have kids in school know exactly how hard and time consuming drop off/pick up, volunteering, homework time, bed time can be. But I do it and I wouldn't have it any other way. I come home and work and then leave and come back and work and clean and make dinner, give baths and kisses and stories goodnight. Yes, it is possible to have it all. I wouldn't be me without my babies and I wouldn't be me without my business. People ask how I balance everything. I don't. I juggle it and sometimes the balls drop. But you just have to pick them up and start again.  My point is don't let anything hold you back from doing what you love. Mommy building furniture is just what my kids know now. They come hang out with me, build ramps with scrap wood, and sometimes mommy even let's them help. 

I hope this allowed you to get to know me a little bit better! 

Kisses XX 

Christa aka #momthebuilder