I love you all.

I cannot believe the amount of support from all of my clients, friends, family, and all their friends and family. It makes my heart flutter with joy. I will never ever forget all of this through my Freshly Picked Dream Scholarship journey. I didn't want this to be a one way street so I started a contest! I am giving away a FREE Custom Bench ($275 value). You can earn entry by voting and leaving a comment on any of my Facebook pages. You can earn 2X entry by SHARING the link to vote! So don't miss your chance =)

This whole voting thing has had my brain in a ramble. I'm excited, anxious, overwhelmed, and most of all so appreciative I have even been given this opportunity. I'm still bumming on the whole essay thing though. I cannot believe I did that to myself. I can't help but laugh because that is so something I would do, well I did. I wish I could resend one. There is so much more to my story and this journey. I have brought this business up from the ground, all by myself. Of course my family and friends are supportive but this has been all me. I have done all my marketing alone, I have done all my selling alone, all my building, and all my designing. This business will be very successful, I can promise you that. I am a female carpenter who is whole heartedly in love with what she does. Winning this would create so much opportunity for my business. Right now I build everything to order. Winning would allow me to expand in so many ways including the start of a show room. Not having a place for clients to come view and see the quality of my designs in person has been one of my only set backs. Anyway, on a uber positive note I am still in first place with the this is such a huge compliment and honor to be in the final 6 out of all the nation wide entries. Thank you and please vote if you haven't already. I have attached a few of the many sweet words from clients, friends, and family.



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