The Bethenny Show Part 2

Hello again! So where did we leave off? Oh yes. The film crew came over and was here all day getting footage that would later make me cry like a baby if font of the whole world. Having that shown really meant a lot to me because that IS how my every work day looks. I'm building away while the boys are riding their bikes around, asking if they can help mommy, and ALWAYS giving me kisses.

The next morning, January 15th was not only the day I was flying out to New York but it was my babies 5th Birthday! We woke up early, made chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, opened presents, and blew FIVE candles out. It was such a bitter sweet day. I knew big things were going to come of this opportunity to be on national television (little did I know what Bethenny had in store for me) but this was the first birthday I was going to be away from him for most of the day. My fiancé and babies took me to the airport and sent me on my way. My birthday boy was just excited to get over to his aunties house and get his other presents haha

I had a layover in Texas and got to New York around 11:00pm. When I got to baggage claim there was a man standing there holding a sign with my name on it. OH YESS! This was just the beginning. I checked into the Hudson Hotel a little after midnight. This place was GORGEOUS! So "New York". I decided to go down to the Lounge and have a big girl drink to celebrate. I was so excited about life. The next morning I did some exploring of the hotel. There was a seasonal restaurant that I WILL be going to this summer. It was th definition of rustic/chic and my furniture would have fit right in. After I got ready I walked out of the hotel to have a Mercedes waiting for me. I was able to see a little bit of the city that morning, It was so beautiful and so different than anywhere is the country I have ever been.

We got to the studio and I was shown to my green room. It was really hitting me now. Shortly after my arrival I was taken to hair and makeup. There was another girl in there with me, she was getting her hair done while I was getting my makeup done (back to back). We had some real good girl talk going on in there along with one of those Maury like talk shows. All the girls were so nice and welcoming. Later while waiting to go onto the stage I realized who it was, Adrienne Bailon. Such a doll! I knew her voice sounded familiar!

The Executive Producer showed me my way to the sofa where I sat next to Bethenny. We introduced ourselves and I was immediately so comfortable. She was SO sweet and genuinely had me there to help me. I felt very connected to her and I would have wanted to be on no other show but hers! They surprised me with the most amazing opportunities for myself and business. I could have never dreamed I would have the Founder of Joss and Main as my mentor and I would be able to have sales on such an amazing website. Or that would give me $10,000 to help my business. I was completely stunned and beyond grateful. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me but what I can do is show them they made the right decision and work hard to accomplish more!

Thank you so much for all the love and support. I have had hundreds of people contacting me and appreciate every single comment, message, email, & phone call!



All day, All night......

Well, this Voting part of the contest has completely consumed my life to say the least. I keep asking myself is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I'm thinking a little of both. A good thing because it shows my dedication to my business and bad thing because my fiance and babies get less of me in my down time. This week I have no choice but to slow down, it's my mans 30th birthday (love you babe!) and I have several orders that need my hands. I'm giving it over to God and praying all of you continue to VOTE errrday! I'm not sure how the other contestants are collecting all their votes but I have been on a non stop social network mission. I have received hundreds of shares and likes and votes. I appreciate every single one of them. If anything this contest has shown me how much you all support me and this Salvaged Soul Journey and that means more to me than anything. 

Thank you so much everyone and please VOTE HERE! This part of the contest will end Friday. 

During the last few social media consumed days I managed to finish 2 orders, delivery them, and had a photo shoot! Here are a few of my favorites by Schock Photography.

Happy Monday! Have an amazing week! 




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