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I'm sure you all know or have seen her on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' for nearly a DECADE.... but, if not allow me to introduce you to 


Let me just kick this off by saying what a genuine and supportive woman Tamra has been over the past year of knowing her! She is not just a client, she is a friend and someone who has given myself along with many other women in business some of the BEST advice and opportunities ever! She has gone above and beyond to work with MANY different small shops and women whom I have connected her with. Not too long ago we did a girls day and went shopping at a couple of my favorite boutiques (Swirl Boutique + Stitch & Feather), the following week she was filming at Swirl Boutique, she could have filmed anywhere but she wanted to support and do what she could through her connections to gain them a great deal of exposure. THAT my friends is one badass chick who does not HAVE to, but WANTS to go the extra mile for another womenpreneur. 

STITCH & FEATHER  in Seal Beach

STITCH & FEATHER in Seal Beach

SWIRL BOUTIQUE  in San Clemente

SWIRL BOUTIQUE in San Clemente

What is my point of these blog posts? Why am I even doing this?

 The point is to gain knowledge and relate to women at all points of their career going through the SAME shit we all are as entrepreneurs because this ain't all rainbows and butterflies. Owning your own business is one of the toughest but most rewarding jobs us women can do. But you have to have thick blood, you have to fight for that end vision and not give up when everyone else would. Tamra is one of us! 

Tamra + husband Eddie started their business 'CUT Fitness' located in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca in 2013. CUT Fitness is known to be a kick ass one-stop-shop for all your fitness goals! Yes, she had a great deal of exposure on her side from being on the RHOC for many years prior but that doesn't mean the "start your own business" road was paved for her. She has done an amazing job at building a vision. Through the struggles and through the success's. 

Not only is Tamra running a business with her husband, something Jesse and I could NOT EVER DO. So major props to the both of them for their A+ in TEAMWORK. But she has also been a full time reality star on 'the RHOC' for going on 10 seasons now, she is a mom, wife, AND a hot hot GRANDMA! The juggle is real and I'm sure she can tell you about that too. 

let's get personal


 being a cast member of the RHOC, do you consider that a "job" in itself or a real documentation of your life?

t. "I've always thought of it as a job. I'm 10 years into filming, and if I didn't I'd go crazy. There has been stressful times where I just had to say to myself "it's just a job, don't let it get to you". Sometimes it's hard not taking things personally since its a show documenting my life. I still have to answer to a boss and I get paid...... yep, its a job."

what's your secret to finding balance between filming, family, and being a business owner?

t. "Finding balance no matter what you do is never easy. I have my moments where I just want to run away. The truth is one aspect of your life will always be unbalanced at certain times. Right now I'm filming for the next 2 months. I can't be at CUT Fitness every day or make dinner every night. I can't always get up at 5 am to workout and sometimes I need help with the kids. It's just not possible to do it all. Eddie is a big help with everything including the kids. All I can do is try my best, adjust to my schedule and get less sleep. When filming is over things ease up and it's a little easier to juggle kids, house, and CUT Fitness."

what has been the hardest struggle through the process of starting and owning your own business? & how did you get through it?

t. "Starting my own business was a real eye opener. I had never done it before and I made a lot of mistakes. They say the first year you make all the mistakes, the second year you try to fix them, and the third year you make money if you're lucky. It cost me 10 times more than I thought and you're basically strapped to the business for the first 3 years. Most new business owners think they will open a business and the money will come rolling in...... Not true! 

We are on year 4 at CUT Fitness and we are constantly changing our business model to what is hot in the fitness industry. We started a "class only" studio. We have grown into a personal and small group training facility, with multiple trainers that lease space from us and multiple trainers under our CUT Fitness umbrella. We do specialty training like Spartan and offer nutrition and online programs."

if you had one "do over" as a business owner what would it be?

t. "Hmmm, do over? There are so many from our location to investing our own cash into the business. But the truth is we have learned so much through the process. I always tell people that lose their business to not give up. Now they are fully prepped to open up their next business and not make the same mistakes as last time."

if you could give an advice card to each women who is considering starting their own business what would it say?

t. My advice would be........ do something you're passionate about and give away FREE SHIT!!!! Get on social media, reach out to the public and send them your product. Write them a nice SHORT note and follow up. Don't ask them to post it, they get asked that every day. Giving someone something and expecting something in return is never a good attitude to have. If they post it GREAT, that's advertising you probably couldn't afford. Give things to your friends and family too. Word of mouth is HUGE!"

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