journey to the top

Okay! So every time I finish a new order I am constantly thinking about past orders and how far my little wood framed mirror business has come. That is why I have decided to post all the types or piece(s) of furniture I have designed and built. Here we go! All of which being plural, I do not think there is one thing that I have not built multiple of. 

  • wood framed mirror
  • end table (various sizes and styles)
  • coffee table (various sizes and styles)
  • bench
  • chair
  • dining table (various sizes and styles)
  • bar stool
  • bathroom vanity
  • wine bar
  • bar
  • commercial table
  • console table
  • headboard (various sizes and styles)
  • platform bed (various sizes and styles)
  • desk
  • reception desk 
  • shelf on casters
  • barn door gate 
  • media center
  • patio swing 
  • tree swing
  • salon station
  • salon mirror
  • mantle 
  • patio furniture  (various sizes and styles)
  • conference table 
  • wood sign (various sizes and styles)
  • growth chart 
  • book shelf
  • wood blocks
  • jewelry holder (various sizes and styles)
  • wall shelf 
  • candle holder
  • cutting board
  • tray
  • swinging saloon doors
  • entry table
  • wedding signs and table numbers
  • flower planter

Holy shit. As I'm making this list I'm scrolling through my photos and seeing how many different pieces I have created with my own hands and it is mind blowing. I have only been in business for a little over a year and a half. That is 39 different pieces I just listed and some of them have been made more than 10 times so I don't even know how many pieces that would be if they were numbered. I am beyond blessed and could not be more grateful for my clients. 

You truly are in charge of your own success. Don't let anyone or anything get in your way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following and supporting me on my journey to the top.