Intro of 'RIOT Social Club'


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I am beyond thrilled to share with all of you the newest addition to Salvaged Soul.

RIOT Social Club is next level. It is something that is not out there yet. I know that because until now there was nothing created by us. Two striving mothers and female entrepreneurs wanting to give opportunity to others in our shoes. I know I tend to rant but I wouldn't be me if I didn't. I want to give you guys a little background on how this idea came about. 

Erica of EP Design House and I started working together several months ago when I hired her to rebrand Salvaged Soul, I needed to show more of me through my logo, website, ect. She was ON POINT. Her work ethic was just as great as the designs she was creating for me. Always very responsive and anyone who knows me knows I am available. All. The. Time. So it's important when I am working with someone they are too. It's a part of business, especially if you are one to put your heart and soul into something you're building for yourself and your family. NEVER miss a beat. She never missed a beat. 

After working together on a couple more collaborations I felt like Erica got me. ||#soulsisters|| We could throw ideas back and forth about everything from our own businesses to other businesses we felt would do so great working together or could use our advice or input. Not in an insulting critiquing way but in more of a helpful way. We had been talking for months about putting together a group where woman can connect and leave with more than just a fun day. We would have up-and-coming female entrepreneurs connect with our RIOT Girl  the most influential and inspiring woman in the nation.  Also, somewhere to create collaborations. And so it was that 'RIOT Social Club' would be born. 

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||CONNECT|| On top of hard work and dedication I strongly feel my constant push to connect with other woman has allowed me to build the clientele I have. Going all the way back to my business being less than a year old when I wrote into the 'Bethenny Show', had I not put myself out there and risked rejection I don't know if Salvaged Soul would be where it is today.  

||CREATE|| Always be you. Allow yourself to go off the trail sometimes and be creative. Do what fuels your fire, I promise it will show through. 

||COLLABORATE|| This might be the all time key to success. I'd dare to bet on it. It's a win win win! Sometimes you have to give in order to receive. What I mean by that is when you're building a business networking and collaborating will put you on a platform and provide not only a great experience working with fellow entrepreneurs but it's marketing in the most effective way.   


We will be holding our first social on an invitational base for the kickoff. Thereafter we will have a limited number of tickets that can be purchased prior to the event date.

Stay tuned....

xx Christa 

Design a Space Collab with 'Lyndi in the City', 'EP Designs' & 'Mom the Builder'

Design a Space with #momthebuilder featuring Lyndi in the City & EP Design House

I don't even know where to begin because I am so excited about all the content going into this blog post, content by the amazing Erica Perebijnos of EP Design House of course! Bare with me because I love details. The process of designing a piece of furniture or even a whole space is just as special as the end result if not better. Lyndi, style expert and blogger of Lyndi in the City is a mama on a mission and I knew whatever we would do together would be fab. This collab started out with Lyndi just wanting a piece of furniture made by me, I didn't want to stop there. She had explained how she wanted to do a piece for her patio to give it an outdoor living vibe. Of course my mind keeps going and I get this really cool idea to collaborate on the whole space, but not just that, to have the whole process photographed so we can share our experience and show other woman and mommies out there they can do it too! 

Once we had the design inspiration for the outdoor wood sectional we could now decide on cushions, which would result in our inspiration for the rest of the space. Lyndi surprised me with her love for very classic neutral tones. She's always wearing funky colors and prints so I immediately was drawn to those when I started looking for cushions. But she has a very chic and classy neutral with a little bit of rustic home style. Very Restoration Hardware meets Anthropologie. You catch my drift? All that being said we ended up going with light to medium gray tone cushions and Erica was able to put together this Inspiration board for the rest of our design project. 

When I got there we chatted about the layout and which direction we wanted everything to be facing. We ended up unloading and deciding once we got the furniture over to the patio area. Which let me tell was not an easy task (up and down many stairs and through small walk ways) but thankfully Lyndi was a trooper and able to help carry these pieces no problem! 

We decided on putting the sectional along the wall so it would look out over the park and garden view to keep the space open instead of closing it in. 


Cushion time! I found these cushions at World Market for less than $50 each and they could not have been any more perfect for this piece. Not to mention they come in a zillion different prints and colors so you can always change them out with seasons or occasions!


After we got the sectional in it's place and set up it was shopping time. We had World Market, Pier 1, Home Depot, and Home Goods on our radar.  

Pier 1 was our first stop. Well, kind of. The World Market near her house was closing down due to relocation so we had no options there (thankfully I already purchased the cushions at another location). Off to Pier 1 we went. 

We were on the hunt for some unique candle holders or lanterns so we can set them up on either end of the sectional to give it a chic and romantic vibe. We found some really pretty ones that came in a few different sizes so we can mismatch them on both ends. 

But thennnnnnnn! We saw some lanterns hanging in the store and that was it! Our whole design would be based around these lanterns. We hunted and hunted around the whole store and probably touched every single one in there. They were all so beautiful but we decided to keep it classic and chic with a touch of rustic. 

We left Pier 1 doing exactly what their bag says to do "find what speaks to you". #lanternhappy

From there we were off to one of my favorites, Home Depot! We needed to get some chain and hooks to hang the lanterns from her 12' outdoor ceiling and some succulents. 

When the guy who works at Home Depot doesn't know how to use the chain cutter you gotta do it yourself! And then show your client who's not afraid to learn something new! Right?!

Home Depot had the most perfect pots with the exact look we were going for. We found a chic white collection and fell in love. 

There is NO going wrong with succulents. They're perfect in any space especially when they are the "pop of color". 

We had one last stop before we could go back to Lyndi's and put this beautiful space together. We were banking on Home Goods to still have the indoor/outdoor rug she had seen the day prior.  


Thankfully they did! I also found these awesome remote LED candles for in the lanterns and an amazing little atrium planter that could not have been a better fit for this space! Score!!

After a few hours shopping and running around it was finally time to pull everything out of the shopping bags and do the damn thang! 

It must be something about moms with boys man, cause we sure ain't afraid of a little dirt. Succulents are my favorite pop of color in any space. I feel like they added an earthy and organic but modern vibe with all the chicness going on! 


Onto placing the rug! Oh and did I fail to mention how perfect this indoor/outdoor rug was for this space? Nailed it! On top of that it was under $100 at Home Goods! 


After we laid the rug out it was time to start putting things in place. Everything just went. It was so fun and so rewarding seeing it all come together!  

Last but certainly not least it was time to hang those beautiful lanterns. Thank goodness for some construction going on next door because Lyndi's 6' house ladder was not gonna do the trick for hanging these babies from her 12' ceiling! 

Lyndi was the perfect assistant. All three holes for the hooks we bought needed to be pre drilled before screwing them into the wood on the ceiling. Thankfully I'm not too afraid of heights haha!

After a long day of being rough and tough, which let me tell you! Never let the size of someone fool you of their strength. I was so impressed with how Lyndi hopped on board and did what needed to be done! This mama is strong but this ladder was stronger! Haha! Thankfully her head had somewhere to go!

A good laugh was the perfect end to our day! After we got everything cleaned up we had designed the most beautiful space that was so functional at the same time! A space Lyndi can sit in and watch her boys skateboard or play in the grass, a place she can have some girl time, or even turn the candles on to make the vibe a little more romantic!

Done & Done!

A day spent with two uber talented and rad mamas while being creative and all contributing was a day well spent! Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. Showing everyone an end result photo is always rewarding but showing everyone what we did to get there is even better!

Xx Christa 


Photography & Creative Directing by EP Design House


Tnee's TPees Designer & Owner Courtney Gray Q&A for Home & Styles by #momthebuilder

Courtney Gray Co-Owner & Designer of Tnee's Tpees

I cannot start this one out with anything but the word amazing! I've loved Courtney's design and style of her and her husband's Tnee's Tpees since I laid eye's on them. If you're a mom you know when your babies become toddlers they want to explore 24/7 which means fort time is on! Courtney got very creative and designed the most unique and functional but still so pretty at the same time there is no need for it to be taken down like most forts made with blankets, couches, chairs, ect.  


Tnee's Tpees recently featured on the Ivory Lane Blog


Our Tnee's Tpee is custom gray with a world map print on the front, it's the best part of my boys room by far. It serves a purpose in many ways and we all know how much I love some versatility. It's a pretty decor piece as well as a fun fort for my littles. It's easy to take down if need be and it is the perfect prop for a little mama/baby photo sesh. 

Q&A with Courtney Gray


q. Tell me how you would describe your home style.

a. My home is simple yet colorful. I love color, but hate nicnacs. 

q. What about your home would surprise people?

a. Most furniture pieces are from yard sales, from handmade shops, or hand me downs from my older siblings.

q. Does your home reflect your fashion style?

a. Yes! I love to wear simple yet colorful items. A little unique, but not too out there.

q. What or who inspires you?

a. My mom. She has a way of making everything she touches beautiful, and I hope to be able to do the same.

q. What is your favorite place to shop for home decor?

a. My absolute fave is Home Goods.

q. & most importantly. What is your personal favorite Salvaged Soul piece?

a. My favorite piece of Salvaged Soul that I own is the four large picture frames that sit on top of my entertainment center with silhouettes of myself, my husband, and our two kids. Not only are they my favorite Salvaged Soul pieces, but my favorite area in my home. 

Kristin Cavallari & Chelsea Bulte of Emerald Duv Jewelry Q&A for Home & Styles by #momthebuilder

kristin 1.jpg



Kristin Cavallari & Chelsea Bulte of Emerald Duv Jewelry


I'm sure we can all agree on loving Kristin since the 'Laguna Beach' days. I always loved her dgaf attitude and tell it like it is personality. Now days she's a fashion designer, actress, mommy, and has the most fabulous jewelry line ever with her bestie Chelsea who also is a gorgeous mommy and jewelry designer.

The name of their jewelry line is Emerald Duv, so catchy right? You go girls! So, it's not just the name I love though. Remember when I did a blog post about my personal style? Well, anyway I'm a super duper fan of turquoise, like I could wear it every day with every outfit no matter what! This line is really trendy but completely different at the same time. I mean where else could you find best friend necklaces that say "best bitches" or a necklace that says "fuck" and still looks so chic? Ummm no where! Besides the good use of bad language in a piece of jewelry their stuff is timeless and so GORG. 

I'm always very intrigued when someone has a great fashion sense or is a designer of anything. The first thing I think of as a furniture designer and such a lover of interior design is what their house looks like and what their personal home style is like. That's why this q&a sesh once a week is so fun for me AND I get to share it with all of you.

Enjoy! Xx

                                       Custom Jewelry Holder Designed & Built By Me for Emerald Duv Jewelry 

                                       Custom Jewelry Holder Designed & Built By Me for Emerald Duv Jewelry 

Kristin Cavallari Q&A

q. Tell me how you would describe your home style.

a. Traditional with rustic touches. It's very warm and cozy. I like to have my girly touches with lots of candles and flowers.

q. What about your home would surprise people?

a. I'm a little OCD when it comes to organization so everything has its place and I can tell if something has been moved slightly. My house is incredibly clean, especially for having 2 kids.

q. Does your home reflect your fashion style?

a. Yes it does. I would say my house is simple but chic which is similar to my fashion style. 

q. What or who inspires you?

a. Kate Moss will always be an inspiration to me. My family also inspires me when it comes to most things in life. Simplicity is what I aim for with my personal style and style of my home. I get a lot of inspiration from traveling as well. 

q. & most importantly. What is your personal favorite Salvaged Soul piece?

a. I love the hanging wooden bench!!

Chelsea Bulte Q&A


q. Tell me how you would describe your home style.

a. I would def describe it as eclectic with a beachy vibe for sure, maybe even a little rustic!!!

q. What about your home would surprise people?

a. I would prob have to say how OCD I am everything has to have its own place...

q. Does your home reflect your fashion style?

a. Yes my home deb reflects my fashion

q. What or who inspires you?

a. People who inspire me is almost endless I am drawn to people with a creative outlet for sure, strong, independent, someone who sees the beauty in the art all around us everyday thats the most inspiring i would have to say.... What inspires me is anything with color and texture.

q. & most importantly. What is your personal favorite Salvaged Soul piece?

a. I mean I love them all the arrow jewelry holder is so freaking cute..... but these below would prob be my top picks

Susie Stenberg Q&A for Home & Styles by #momthebuilder

Let me introduce you to

Susie Stenberg

I'll kick this off by saying what a badass chick Susie is, I don't even think there is a title big enough to cover all of her daily duties aka Operations and Marketing Manager for her husband Jeremy Stenberg's career, Dirt Bike Kidz, & RVNG Racing. Oh and let's not forget the most important duty, being a mommy! That is inspiration people! I have followed Susie for a while, mostly for her ridiculously cute kid pictures and super rad style. Recently she has been posting about their renovation and we all know how I feel about some good interior design. Especially something different, her HUGE fireplace caught my eye immediately and is absolutely to die for! With that being said I needed to know more about her home and style and wanted to share that with you guys too!

You're welcome! xx


The Stenberg Family 

q. Tell me how you would describe your home style.

a. It's really hard to put a label on my style. I like to mix up Mediterranean, Hacienda and Santa Barbara design but I mainly go off of the energy that a particular design can bring to my home. I love neutrals and almost anything that's aged! That's comforting to me. Right now I'm in love with the contrast of creams and espressos with pops of sapphire or cobalt blue. 

q. What about your home would surprise people?

a. I think a lot of people get surprised when they visit our home! I don't think many people expect my husband to have a ''grown up'' home like ours haha. I'm sure they would expect a black leather couch with video games and dirt bikes everywhere! 

q. Does your home reflect your fashion style?

a. My fashion style is much different than my home. We travel and work so much that I want to feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as I walk in the door. With favorite heels from Christian Louboutin I'm not exactly comfortable! Lol

q. What or who inspires you?

a. We are so fortunate to travel the world and stay at some of the most amazing places. That is what inspires me the most. Once my home renovations are complete, you will definitely see some of those elements of where I've been and feel like your at a resort.

q. & most importantly. What is your personal favorite Salvaged Soul piece?

a. My favorite Salvaged Soul piece is the octagon table. I love the espresso color and unique shape. The placement and use of a table like this is endless!