Okay, here's the deal ladies!

I CANNOT f*cking stand more than a few things that "people in general" do in business but mostly these ones. And THAT is probably the number one reason I have gained the success I have.

So! I am going to let you guys in on a few little secrets that seem like common sense to me, but some how they aren't to everyone else. You're welcome! &hearts;  <<< yes, I did that on purpose 


Literally the easiest thing in the world, especially when you're a new or smaller business owner that's not getting hundreds of emails a day. When people want something they want it NOW! Not in 5 hours or in 5 days. If you're not able to give to them what they want, when they want it, they will find or buy it elsewhere. MARK MY WORD. Now don't get me wrong, I am totally guilty of opening an email or dm ((I HATE RED BUBBLES IN THE CORNERS OF MY APPS)) with a quote request while I am driving or in a position where I cannot respond and forget to until the next day or week and it has bit me in the ass every. single. time. That being said, RESPOND. Even if it's one liner. Trust me, they'll appreciate. I know I do. Unresponsive people bug. 


Do NOT even think about going through small business instagram accounts and jocking their style, work, or vibes. CREATE your own. That is what people WILL remember. Something they have not seen before, vibes they have not felt before. Besides that, who wants to have competition they're constantly stalking to keep up with? ((#creepyAF)) Be the one that everyone else is trying to keep up with, be the vibes that people crave, the vibes they can only find with you. Be YOURSELF!


DONT HATE, COLLABORATE. Working with other women in business has been my favorite thing about being a female entrepreneur. There's something that runs in the blood of a women in charge, something fierce, something courageous, and so empowering. To be able to come together and support one another will bring so much more to the table than when all the seats are full verses just the head chair. Every women you meet will know something you don't, have experienced something you haven't & besides all that TRUST ME it is so much more fun to cheers a cocktail with girlfriend who gets you after a really successful day or maybe even a really shitty one. 

I plan to touch a little more on my business tips+ tricks every week here on the blog ((hopefully))

& if you really want to get into all the nitty gritty business talk join myself 25 other women in business at my upcoming


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oh, and I would LOVE to hear what you ladies feel like makes you more successful in business! 


5 Interior Design Trends of 2015 with #momthebuilder

5 Interior Design Trends of 2015 by #momthebuilder

Here we go! I am really excited about this article I am writing and getting to share some of my favorite 2015 interior design trends with you guys. I have such a love for interior design and I am so fortunate that I get to be part of an industry I am so passionate about.

1. Mid Century Modern: This is one of my favorite 2015 trends by far. I personally am a huge fan of mid-century modern and I am happy to see all the these styles coming back. Palm Springs aka soul of mid-century modern is one of my favorite getaway's and to see all the life in these homes with their original beauty makes my heart flutter. Designing and building more mid-century modern pieces will be a huge part of my business for 2015. This mid-century modern style accent chair can be found on Furniture.com, this is definitely one of my go to pieces and would be a great fit in any room.

2. Geometric Furniture & Décor: ANYTHING geometric is fab! I love the clean lines and versatility with shapes, modern but playful looking. Simplicity at it's best whether it be an octagon shaped rug or dining table. Add some flare to a babies nursery or even your kitchen with my triangle wall shelves.

geometric shelves 2.jpg

3. Furs & Cow Hides: These for me will ALWAYS be a trend. I'm obsessed with cozy time and fur throws are where its at. I have a few fur rugs that I love as well. Now days you can find them in pretty much any color too!  As for cow hides, they are so rustic but so chic at the same time. Both furs and cowhides are timeless and will go with any style of décor in a home.


 4. Colors: I'm not going to lie this whole color trend took a little while but has fully grown on me and I am digging everything about the colors of 2015. You know how it was always popular to stick with neutrals and add a pop of color? Well now it's the opposite. I am talking deep royal blue, emerald, and red! Finding furniture in these colors is key to having a room really pop. Whether it be an oversized red headboard or finding the perfect blue sofa. Metallics go great with these fierce colors of 2015 as well. So let's say you have your "safe" neutral furniture already, you better get to painting! One accent wall in one of these three colors would make a world of difference in a room.

Images courtesy of HouseBeautiful.com

5. Rustic Wood Furniture & Accent Walls: This is more of a timeless trend to me as well. You can take the most beat up reclaimed wood coffee table and place it in front of a vintage victorian sofa and it will go perfect. Or you can have a bathroom full of glossy black subway tiles with a gold chandelier,  put a rustic vanity in the space and it will end up being the focal point of that room. I have designed and built some beautiful rustic wood beds, they will never be off trend either. You can always design and decorate around a rustic wood piece of furniture. Another really great thing to do with rustic wood is accent walls. I recently did a set of oversized, each measuring 4' x 7' barn doors for an accent wall. That is and will always be the focal point of that beautiful space.

Rustic Barn Door Wall Accents & Bathroom Vanity Hand Crafted by Salvaged Soul

barn doors.jpg

Bathroom Photo Courtesy of Dave Cusworth  & Style Bites

Tnee's TPees Designer & Owner Courtney Gray Q&A for Home & Styles by #momthebuilder

Courtney Gray Co-Owner & Designer of Tnee's Tpees

I cannot start this one out with anything but the word amazing! I've loved Courtney's design and style of her and her husband's Tnee's Tpees since I laid eye's on them. If you're a mom you know when your babies become toddlers they want to explore 24/7 which means fort time is on! Courtney got very creative and designed the most unique and functional but still so pretty at the same time there is no need for it to be taken down like most forts made with blankets, couches, chairs, ect.  


Tnee's Tpees recently featured on the Ivory Lane Blog


Our Tnee's Tpee is custom gray with a world map print on the front, it's the best part of my boys room by far. It serves a purpose in many ways and we all know how much I love some versatility. It's a pretty decor piece as well as a fun fort for my littles. It's easy to take down if need be and it is the perfect prop for a little mama/baby photo sesh. 

Q&A with Courtney Gray


q. Tell me how you would describe your home style.

a. My home is simple yet colorful. I love color, but hate nicnacs. 

q. What about your home would surprise people?

a. Most furniture pieces are from yard sales, from handmade shops, or hand me downs from my older siblings.

q. Does your home reflect your fashion style?

a. Yes! I love to wear simple yet colorful items. A little unique, but not too out there.

q. What or who inspires you?

a. My mom. She has a way of making everything she touches beautiful, and I hope to be able to do the same.

q. What is your favorite place to shop for home decor?

a. My absolute fave is Home Goods.

q. & most importantly. What is your personal favorite Salvaged Soul piece?

a. My favorite piece of Salvaged Soul that I own is the four large picture frames that sit on top of my entertainment center with silhouettes of myself, my husband, and our two kids. Not only are they my favorite Salvaged Soul pieces, but my favorite area in my home.