let's get in her business INTRO!

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The day has FINALLY come & I have decided on a name for this new chapter of Salvaged Soul! 

'let's get in her business'

But not in the typical bitchy judgmental way, in a way that we all NEED it! To show our love, support & how much we believe in one another to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN as a women in business!

I want to create a place where the word EMPOWERMENT bleeds, a place where we won't feel alone at night in bed scrolling through all the happy BS while we're stressing out over not being able to make deadlines or how you're going to keep this business alive after a day of everything that could go wrong going wrong. A place to come read about relatable & REAL topics. We've all been there! No matter what phase you're in or going through. Starting a business is hard but running a business is way HARDER. Like way way harder. Especially when you add the dynamic of a husband, children, family, friends, life. The bottom line this we are doing what we love but don't always love what we are doing. If that makes any sense? But at the end of the day we know we are doing what we were put on God's green earth to do. And THAT my friends is why we need each other!

So basically, every week I am going to feature a badass boss babe on my blog. Some weeks it will be a high profile celebrity & some weeks it will be someone you've probably never heard, but obvi should. I will write up a rundown on them, their business, & how they inspire me. There will also be a q&a with each girl, a very beneficial and relatable q&a! 


let's connect *
let's connect

I want to give you guys a little back story on me but I will elaborate on a blog post about myself and business later!

How did I start Salvaged Soul?

The short answer to this is...... Well, I just went with it. It was a passion right from the get go. I started DIYing wood framed mirrors. They were selling like hot cakes. SCORE! I had a client ask me if I could make her an end table. Guess what my answer was! "ABSOLUTELY!". Because what did I have to lose? If it turned out like shit I would just give her her money back and call it a day. Well, it turned out AMAZING. I was able to do something with my two hands (don't get an 8th grade thought with that one LOL) that I never thought I could. I will say one MAJOR thing to always remember is YOU CAN DO IT! When YOU believe in YOU, so will everyone else. Passion is contagious & people want to be part of it. Whether it's supporting you or being inspired by you. Anyways, from there the rest was history. Fast forward 4 years & there is not a single piece of furniture I haven't built.

How do I balance being a mom, wife, & business owner?

I don't. I am very aware of the fact that it's nearly impossible & that is exactly why I have no expectations of myself & the word or term "balance". I have accepted the fact that some nights my sink will be overflowing with dishes when I got to bed, my kids will eat their breakfast in the truck on the way to school while doing their homework, & I won't be able to commit to a schedule of any sort because I am running a motha f*ckin business. Balance comes from within, it's not a "real" thing, its in your head. YOU create your own BALANCE. It's not comparable to the "stay home mom" who get's to make mickey mouse pancakes every morning & has dinner on the table at 5. We are a different breed ladies & we are making the world a BETTER place one business at a time! So cheers to that! 

Stay tuned for my first feature on TAMRA JUDGE!

good vibes forever + ever


Introducing Home & Styles by #momthebuilder

Hi guys! I am so pumped about my new blogging venture and I'm even more excited about the special people I get to feature. So here's how it's goin down, every Wednesday I will have a new feature on someone who inspires me. Whether that be someone I have watched on tv and grown to be inspired by or even one of my many amazing clients. I will kick it off by telling you guys why that person inspires me and then I will have an exclusive q&a with them. Be excited darlings very excited! My first feature will be Christina El Moussa from HGTV's Flip Or Flop. She's a doll and you don't want to miss it. Tune in tomorrow evening to check it out! xx

journey to the top

Okay! So every time I finish a new order I am constantly thinking about past orders and how far my little wood framed mirror business has come. That is why I have decided to post all the types or piece(s) of furniture I have designed and built. Here we go! All of which being plural, I do not think there is one thing that I have not built multiple of. 

  • wood framed mirror
  • end table (various sizes and styles)
  • coffee table (various sizes and styles)
  • bench
  • chair
  • dining table (various sizes and styles)
  • bar stool
  • bathroom vanity
  • wine bar
  • bar
  • commercial table
  • console table
  • headboard (various sizes and styles)
  • platform bed (various sizes and styles)
  • desk
  • reception desk 
  • shelf on casters
  • barn door gate 
  • media center
  • patio swing 
  • tree swing
  • salon station
  • salon mirror
  • mantle 
  • patio furniture  (various sizes and styles)
  • conference table 
  • wood sign (various sizes and styles)
  • growth chart 
  • book shelf
  • wood blocks
  • jewelry holder (various sizes and styles)
  • wall shelf 
  • candle holder
  • cutting board
  • tray
  • swinging saloon doors
  • entry table
  • wedding signs and table numbers
  • flower planter

Holy shit. As I'm making this list I'm scrolling through my photos and seeing how many different pieces I have created with my own hands and it is mind blowing. I have only been in business for a little over a year and a half. That is 39 different pieces I just listed and some of them have been made more than 10 times so I don't even know how many pieces that would be if they were numbered. I am beyond blessed and could not be more grateful for my clients. 

You truly are in charge of your own success. Don't let anyone or anything get in your way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following and supporting me on my journey to the top.