Shayne Lamas-Richie Q&A for Home & Styles by #momthebuilder

Shayne Dahl Lamas-Richie

Where do I even begin with this beauty? Shayne Lamas-Richie really is a queen, wife to Nik Richie notorious owner/blogger of, daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, granddaughter of Arlene Dahl, and most importantly mother of Press Lamas-Richie, Rex Jagger Lamas-Richie, & one more on the way.

Her soul is as beautiful as the Christian Louboutin's on her feet. She is the true definition of glam. I've always been a fan of Shayne's fashion sense, I knew I had to hear more about her home. From the shoes on her feet to the hats  on her head she is always dressed to the 9 whether it's a casual day in the park with her daughter or a date night with her man. She is an amazing mother, wife, and human. I knew this interview would be amazing. Get to reading. Muah! xx

shayne family.jpg

q. Tell me how you would describe your home style?

a. Mid-century shabby chic California colonial transitional vibe.

q. What about your home would surprise people?

a. I have a library totally decked out with a Upper East side Manhattan brownstone vibe.

q. Does your home reflect your fashion style?

a. I would say it does not. Only because my home is my sanctuary, my safe place, and most importantly my home is comfortable . My fashion style isn't comfortable re: my daily shoes of christian louboutin 160mm Daf booties ... But dammit they are bitchen with jeans.

q. What or who inspires you?

a. For my home decor, what inspires me usually comes from the mood I'm in. My home grows with my family, as change occur in our lives so do the drapes. Also, seasons or modern decor will inspire change.

q. Where is your favorite place to shop for your home?

a. Gosh, I can shop anywhere for anything but I am addicted to Horchow's catalogs! But, gotta love the flee market finds and the awesome trinkets at places like Home Goods, Target, Ross etc.. You will not find me anywhere near an IKEA, ASHLEY Furniture or in the Home department at Macy's. I 'd rather jump off a cliff.

q. Did becoming a mother and having a little one in the home influence your decor decisions?

a. One thing the baby bible forgets to mention is your entire decor goes out the window and rubber safety corners dorn that once beautiful mirrored coffee table. I have a storage for the glass tables And Versace China set aside until further notice.

q. To date, what is one space you have designed that is your favorite? Why?

a. Oh! My vanity/makeup dressing area. It's the only thing that's off limits in my home. I need a barn gate like you have lol. It's my favorite space because it's my personal space. It's my collections of the most coveted pieces I own and my place to feel beautiful . Whenever I do get ready I know that my space is always organized smells pretty and lighting is always perfect. I designed my dressing area to be so glamorous and sparkly that my daughter awes and oohs every time she steps into my vault. It's my thrown in our Castle and is my most loved space to date. Soft pink silk drapes, a vintage chandelier and ottoman with fresh flowers no fuckin children or husband nagging it's just amazing.

q. Does your home decor vary over seasons? If yes, how so?

a. Yes, absolutely every season ushers in new found light, energy, and love. Every home must welcome it, starting at your front door with Wreaths of each season. Flowers that blossom from my backyard , colors of summer, colors of winte. They should have a place in each time. I always interchange my throw pillows, throw blankets, vases, candle scents, hand soap in the guest room, the coffee table books etc..

q. Do you ever seek your husbands opinion on home decor or are those the Queen's decisions only?

a. My Husband sleeps in Pratesi sheets flown in from Italy, he doesn't mind the occasional pink and fluff.

q. & most importantly. What is your personal favorite Salvaged Soul piece?

a. I need like 10 of these ...