'love yo self' cuff PRE SALE

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'love yo self' cuff PRE SALE


A bracelet cuff to REMIND you daily to ‘love yo self’ because you DESERVE to!

What does “self love” mean to you? 
Well first off, self love will ultimately be a reflection of every part of your being and life. 
Loving yourself will allow you to truly love others in turn will affect every relationship, any business/work venture, and the ability to be the best version of yourself. 
It means to invest in you, in all ways. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. 
You deserve it more than anyone else in your life because the ONLY way to be the best in anyone else’s life is if you’re the best in your own. 
God made you YOU. 
Starting today make a commitment to remove toxic beings from your path because YOU are the only one who can. 
Toxic will try to force its way in but will never walk away. You have to be in charge of that, remove it confidently. 
Lastly, all of this will turn into self respect in which ultimately will effortlessly allow you to LOVE YO SELF and live a confident happy life because you DESERVE it. 🖤

salvaged soul x l squared jewelry collab

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Handmade item

Bracelet width: 6 Inches

Bracelet length: 3/8 Inches

Materials: Aluminum, Non Tarnish, Hypoallergenic, Hand Stamped

Made to order (2 week lead for shipping)