What is MONAT?

MONAT is an anti-aging hair care line that is clinically proven to restore hair from the inside out while promoting hair growth! Not to mention it is  Vegan , Sulfate FREE , Naturally Based, ANTI-AGING, Cruelty FREE, Toxic FREE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS & Clinically proven ingredients that promote hair growth! I know, most of the time when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Not this time though. I started using MONAT in the beginning of September 2017. And not because I wanted to or seemed it out. I was actually completely turned off by the fact is was an MLM aka SCAM company. Now I can sit here and say Monat has not only completely transformed my hair but Monat has completely blessed my life. 

So let's take it back to the beginning of August. Christina Smallwood, a celebrity hair stylist, client/friend of mine who is now my direct up line reached out to me and offered to send me some samples of Monat. I of course kindly said "no thank you", I wouldn't want her to waste her samples on me. First of all, I have NEVER EVER cared for a hair product in my life. I've always just got the newest best smelling product on the shelves everywhere from Target to TJ Max, to Ulta. My mom would be so disappointed, she was a hair stylist and MADE my sisters and I use good salon quality shampoo and conditioner my whole life. Like I had to sneak my herbal essences cause it smelt BOMB! Anyways, sorry getting off track. So I told her not to waster her samples on me. She reached out again within a couple weeks and asked me if she could just send me full size bottles to use. At that point I felt bad and I mean who's gonna turn down $100 in product? Not me!

I used the hydration system to start. The first wash was amazing!  Like really good. I wasn't sold though. Anything can make your hair feel good at first. If you look back on my photos you will see I literally NEVER even use to brush my hair. It was a ratty tangly mess ALL. THE. TIME. The first major change I noticed was the manageability. Being able to blow dry in half the time, barely having to straighten, having no split ends when my hair hadn't been touched in over 7 months. Fast forward 4 weeks later I was SOLD!!! I could actually brush my hair and it felt AMAZING. Like I actually wanted to style it cause I could for the first time in my life. I was ready to shout it from the rooftops and that is exactly what I have done since the moment I joined. I always tell everyone "the only thing you'll regret is not doing it sooner", whether they're joining my Salvaged Soul Hair Squad or trying the product as a customer!

Please feel free to reach out with ANY questions! I would love to help change you life and hair the same way I've changed mine!

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the product

•  Vegan , Sulfate FREE , Naturally Based, ANTI-AGING, Cruelty FREE, Toxic FREE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS + clinically proven ingredients that promote hair growth!

Retail Customer- No strings attached. You can go directly to and purchase products just like you would go on Nordstrom and purchase shoes. 

VIP CUSTOMER- You pay a ONE time lifetime membership fee of $19.99 and you will receive free shipping + 15% off all future orders! Must commit to 3 orders total. You will have access to exclusive flash sales and events for only VIP Customers! Also, we have a reward program for VIP Customers called 3 & Thank You, this will allow you to earn your products FREE when you refer 3 of your friends or family!

• This is a product the whole family can use, we have a mens line and a junior line for the babes!



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the opportunity

•Ground Floor! We are so NEW (3 years) and the opportunity to build something big with Monat is actually achievable versus other companies that have been around for years and years! We are available in the USA, Canada, and the UK!

• Our comp plan is not even comparable with any other MLM Company, we paid 5% more in commissions last year than ANY other MLM Company and we are only 3 years old! 

• Monat is made for EVERYONE, every ethnicity! Men - Women - Children ALL ages & ethnicities! 

• NO COMPETITION. Monat is the first & ONLY hair care company in Network Marketing world and not to mention we were named the #1 Luxury Hair Care Line in the United States for 2018

• You do NOT have to to sell this product, you just have to SHARE it! It's easy to do when you love something

• Monat is the first and ONLY FDA approved hair care line (facilities + ingredients)! 

• Vegan , Sulfate FREE , Naturally Based, ANTI-AGING, Cruelty FREE, Toxic FREE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS! Clinically proven ingredients that promote hair growth!